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Boma began in 1981 bringing fashionable sterling-silver jewelry with unique designs to the active, free-spirited women of Seattle.

Boma is still dedicated to introducing jewelry that fits the lifestyle of today's woman. Each piece of Boma jewelry is carefully crafted to perfection in .925 sterling-silver and is guaranteed for life.

Quality product, first-class customer service and trendy designs have contributed to Boma's reputation for being the leader in the sterling-silver industry.


Brilliant jewelry crafted by the hands of northern California artisans, since 1981.

Nestled between the Redwood forest and the ruggedly beautiful Pacific coastline, Holly Yashi has been handcrafting striking, distinctive jewelry of superior quality for nearly three decades. Holly Yashi’s innovative techniques and fashion-forward styles stem from our use of the unusual metal Niobium, which is rarer and more precious than sterling and can take on on brilliant, incandescent colors when dipped in an electrically charged bath.

To handcraft the finest Niobium jewelry with sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Every piece of Holly Yashi jewelry is designed by Holly Hosterman and created in our Northern California studio by our talented artisans.



Olia is a NYC-based jewelry designer, driven by her genuine passion for creating. With inspiration flowing abundantly from people, colors, nature, dreams and reality, she conceives and creates an eclectic body of work with a distinct flair.

Originally from the former Soviet Union, Olia's talent was relocated across an ocean at the age of 11. Her first jewelry-making aspirations began when she was 7. An education in computer science, the product of a pragmatic Russian tradition, was to follow and lead to what most see as a start of a successful career on Wall street. Paradoxically, her passion for creative invention continued to grow even stronger while working in the corporate world. In 2003, Olia left her practical career and put together her first jewelry collection. Since then, she has been playing with symmetry and asymmetry, perfectly faceted and imperfectly rough semi-precious stones, innovative and ancient-inspired color combination, to produce an aesthetic both alluring and meaningful. 




Cheryl Finnegan, owner / founder of VSA - likes to be called "Finn".  Started Virgins Saints & Angels in 2000.  After a 14-year career in Marketing with Levi Strauss & Co. - VSA was born out of a change of life and a move to San Miguel de Allende, MX.  The business can truly be called an "organic happening".   It started as an obsession with Guadalupe and Mexican folklore - translated into a keychain - then a belt buckle - then a necklace – then John Galliano wore VSA down the runway of his Paris show.

VSA has a unique style that combines artesenia and gothic elements from Mexican and religious iconography.  The pieces are handmade in Mexico from some basic and not so basic techniques combining metals, paper, glass, resin, and beads. 

The VSA style is unmistakable …and unforgettable.  It has been seen on almost every age group and gender – from rock ´n roll to country – hip hop to punk - from Maria Shriver to Miley Cyrus.   The common thread amongst all VSA wearers is that they want to make a statement – they are confident - inspired by fashion, art, beauty, or symbolism.  VSA has become a collectible with customers waiting in line for the next shipment of the newest colors and designs.

VSA Designs, Inc is a US company with offices in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City, Chicago, Arkansas and US sales representatives on the West and East Coasts.  The company employs 11 highly intelligent, super efficient, confident, talented women.



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